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This critical-poetic creature generates readings, seminars, installations, books, digital residency projects, and Pelt, a sporadically published (print + digital) magazine


New OPR Edition

Mukt is an epic poem in progress. 

Building on the work of G.M. Muktibodh (1917-1964), the foremost Indian Marxist poet and thinker of the twentieth century, Aditya Bahl assembles a startling new poetics that fuses Marx and Mira, the Indian epic and the workers’ inquiry, the Avant-Garde and the Third World.
Notoriously committed to the long poem, Muktibodh often professed that his poems refused to end, and that his shorter poems are actually incomplete. Bahl takes one of these shorter poems and “translates” it into a long – very long, unfinished – poem in the English language. Mukt unfolds each phrase of Muktibodh’s poem into lines that range from lyric response to homophonic translation, along the way incorporating archival histories, reportage, workers’ newspapers, oral epics, and fragments from Bahl’s diary. The result is an astonishing blast of visual and sonic virtuosity that clears vital new ground for political aesthetics in contemporary poetry.
The Organism for Poetic Research is beyond excited to announce the publication of the newest – and largest – excerpt of this major work on November 18th, 2021. Stay tuned for more details, including a NYC launch event!

Featured Residency

from The Archiverse (2014)
Jeff T. Johnson

When we speak of THE ARCHIVERSE in terms of archive, we speak to archiversal origins and operations. This shift at OPR necessarily draws the residency page further away from THE ARCHIVERSE, as it becomes (in these traces) a more conservative archive. That is, the residency archive (presumably) will not change. THE ARCHIVERSE preserves itself, but is always (explicitly) in flux. The terms that make up ARCHIVERSE—claim of origin (or original claim), arch, passageway, architecture, archive, river, hive, reverse, universe, multiverse, verse, averse, versus, serve, server, sever, etc.—are in motion, just as language objects are kinetic letterforms within archiversal space…

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