Release Notes, John Leigh

Release Notes, John Leigh

HelloForest Automated Permaculture Kit
v.1.02.3, 15.6 TB
August 12, 2083

What’s New:
-default changed to “no large predators.”
-default changed to “no megafauna.”
-default changed to “no procedurally generated fake ruins.”
-landscaping AI* drama settings tweaked.
-boundary algorithm adjusted to fix issue where biome would sometimes expand too aggressively.
-boundary algorithm now includes more up to date list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, added routine to keep list up to date.
-boundary algorithm should now be better at recognizing zones currently in habitation.
-fauna sentience no longer user-adjustable, set to maximum of .6 on the Singer-Nagel scale.
-fixed issue that would sometimes result in overly-self-aware swarm behavior in small hive animals.