Preview of Exhibits… Smailbegovic & Remein

Preview of Exhibits… Smailbegovic & Remein

Preview of Exhibits from the Musée de l’Ours

—Ada Smailbegovic & Daniel C. Remein

no corral up seed to cake in the underwater held
fall out & with error the purple pinions
remodeled or in eastern zone takes over
a steady, moderate climb that eases at 2.0 mi
and descends to the west shoulder
shaggy w rocks the punchout and
seeping down to pebble inorganic move to
worm residue out at the four A.M.       to shake
off dew w the cameras
white discs an aggregate
lengthen the middle of the tongue towards string
the wall is a tiny nerve-castle here are the arrowslits
the meaning and possibility of a living alcohol, than
of a quicksilver whirls up, reaches
in the blood hooks are smoothing degrees and different
dignities of the irritable muscle contract hesitation
of the island unfolded in the passage away from the ship’s
stern watches over in the air all cast from it
as the ingot of gold assuredly not, for its form is accidental
futher add        meat
& there again w the tails
and as the simplest forms of composition in the next
narrowest sphere of affinity which comes forth and
stirs abroad in the bird The Van Hoevenburg trails
turns sharp R & climbs steeply to a 4-way jct
the mechanism always unsampled the eastern zone
of composition cast over skies
as w white pines a slope offers horizon
to the smooth muscles fascicle ovoid
and slack spotted duration as if walking cast to the wind
the window closes the draft latches with a spoon
and incessant marvel, leaves must point and
fruitflesh pull
along the windy duration avoid
slack dirted path of the twigs and rude semblances
and their acute angles direction stroking teeth thought
handstands & I want to go swimming w you
the draft cooler than below
hollow of the tramples frames
& milky contents in the tooth stems telling futures
as if they were the first feeble effort of detachment
the marsh continues the figures move along the left rocks
corrals compose cake hesitation hollows
a cigarette box curb of finely rolled paper bells
pealing off of a building to a letter A drawn trees in
the factory sugar edge finished close mouthed minute latched to
and damn rabbits the ribbon
finally milky in the tooth
drawn trees steps aside adhesive velar
stops rayon left with dugout
acorns mash with swimming &
again you summon robin to the
mechanism w/o previous mtg
drawn w trout well-coated
and live its neck white its mouth a nape of a bird
pulls the cast of your azure interior