The Organism for Poetic Research (OPR) is an experimental critical-poetic platform and a vehicle for the performance of research in poetics and poetic research. The OPR takes shape from its many members and contributors operating in diverse locations with current centralization in cities such as Brooklyn, NY; Providence, RI; Vancouver, B.C.; and Portland, Oregon. Propelled by poiesis (making) as its investigative method, the OPR initiates events that open a field of relations between the natural sciences, artistic practices, and research in the humanities. OPR projects take a number of forms. In addition to hosting readings and seminars throughout the year, the OPR appropriates and refashions diverse modes and objects of inquiry as instruments in a series of specific provocations that produce the print and web-based magazine, Pelt: the Organism’s epidermal organ. The OPR also produces “occasional” publications and projects called “OPR Editions” and hosts web residents whose projects actively investigate and re-describe the boundaries of disciplinary formations of knowledge. The OPR “Library” (online, Ed. Anna Moser) features short responses to works and “things” (e.g. books, films, performances, locations, buildings, found items, etc.) that have shaped the critical & artistic methods of OPR members and affiliates, or that provide an occasion for exploring the contours of our diverse methodologies. The OPR “Index” (online) is a pictorial index to things in the world.

We welcome you to explore the website and to write us at organism [at] organismforpoeticresearch [dot] org.


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The OPR would like to thank the Department of English at New York University and the Department of English at Brown University for their generous support, with added thanks to Lytle Shaw, Una Chaudhuri, and Tomás Urayoán Noel for their involvement and contributions. Thanks to Shumeng Ye and Leah Beeferman for web development and design consultation; to Garth Swanson for photography from INDEX; to MC Hyland for her generous help and expertise with letterpress printing; and to all our contributors and readers. The Organism for Poetic Research is co-founded by Ada Smailbegovic, Daniel C. Remein, and Rachael M. Wilson. Current OPR directors are Tim Anderson, Andrew Gorin, Rachael Guynn Wilson, Anna Moser, and Ada Smailbegovic. Current collaborators are Kimberly Adams, Saronik Bosu, MC Hyland, Zane Koss, Shiv Kotecha, Luke McMullan, and Cameron Williams.




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