from Resistant Is Futile, Mark Gurarie

from Resistant Is Futile, Mark Gurarie


Resistant is Futile, Earthling.
We are looking for the talking horse
That lives in your backyard.


What? The milk man is extinct?
This precious bottle of cow juice


Soothes & Calms Your Teeth As It Whitens.
For a bright smile! For the fresher kisses!


Brought to you by Brontosaurus,
Mr. Deeds goes to Seattle.


We seek your nuclear family.
Your radiation is tiny and you


Set it next to your ears.
Take us to your grass feeder.


Because we will remain conscience
As vegetarian against your plant species.



Resistant is Futile Enters the Cocoon of Sadness, Part I


A partly balanced diet the right way every day.
Yet, Resistant felt misunderstanding
engulfed in an ozone reasoning.


“Did you expect a battery that is longer lasting?” a valid question.
Do not attempt to wear glasses, someone told him.
He was right. For a bright smile! For the fresher kisses!
“Fucking asteroids!” Resistant might exclaim to the flag.


Insistent is futile. Youth is basted to the tongue.
“Because we will remain conscience,” four bars
of service oh Lost Kitty of 718 228-5613.
On the fence post, this time. Which is to say


we were brought here to save your Teapot children, Alice.
A popular slogan he read somewhere about comets that can
Kill. “Our atoms are never to commingle.” Our atoms to commingle.




Resistant is Futile Thinks of More Than Just the Species


One day you will evolve beyond your physical body.
Grow holograms of all the animals you’ve lost paw prints
for we will never rescue certain species of memory.


Viewed through the crinkled contact, a refractive surgery’s
ten most FAQ flying away from the constant winging.
When doves do not forget their tiny eye-sights too leak.


Their phantom limbs and remapped interfaces confirm
visual record, conform to this synthesized odor.
The citrus test of an efficient olfactory.


That is not what you dreamed too? Stare up
into the struggle against your light pollution.
Observe an ontology in the herring there


that swims against the tide when for one day
we will evolve beyond your fins.