In February or March of 2014, Katya Yakubov and Daniel Hess of The Picture Show, an independent microcinema (now closed) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, invited us to collaborate on a film and poetry project. We started discussing the collaboration in the early summer months and came up with the idea for Light-Soluble Mediums. Ada Smailbegović and Rachael M. Wilson wrote a long document called “the letter,” which was printed on tabloid-sized salmon-colored construction paper and then mailed, and otherwise distributed, to potential respondants, including filmmakers, writers, artists, academics, and other denizens of spaceship earth (Nasa would not beam our letter to outerspace).

In response to the letter, we received films, essays and artworks which were screened and performed on April 25, 2015 at The Picture Show. We also produced a print publication, also called Light-Soluble Mediums, as a means of documenting but also extending the screening. The PDF of this publication is available as the last post in this LSM section of the OPR website. The contributions to the project are represented here in individual posts: some projects are included in their entirety and some in altered forms or as placeholders for work that could not be reproduced here.

Light-Soluble Mediums is a process-based publication encompassing the initial provocation, the mailing of the letter, the film screening and performance, the publication in print and on the web.

Print copies of the LSM publication can be purchased for $10 + shipping: