Phases, Morgan Vo

Phases, Morgan Vo

Phases shift. Phases carry small marks. Coning greys after blinking

back into hunger phase. Slow expectation growing over pocket’s power.

Renegade lights influenced by strong-armed perception, holding head above the angled deep-fry.

Latent past managing the pertinent discs of the body under discussion.

Color moistens around a flying dot. I write a sticky letter’s brakes upon my path.

Rose water passes without despair. Tree, terminal for something unseen

depleted within. Deprivation moment extends into general field

of mapping sound briefly but completely, trusting that in solidarity

it won’t survive. Interruption phrase, two minutes toward commanding bliss.

Ears listen for unintentional speakers without admiration driving. Mint taste

prepares one for the oily slip, if one is weary under loadbearing yellow arrows.

A fair portion states its victory over carpet plants.

Placement of cassette monument under newly trained location.

Days follow carefully. Martian becomes a possible name.

Pronounced need for physical camouflage when the class on dispersal

takes its break. Pretend radiality is phase.

Friend’s offensive mentions first instinct that friends are present danger.

Presented with an arrangement of hours.

Horse drawn with dotted lines produces endless incentive.

Race lived in, although phase.

Ignition is pulling clutch onto quickness.

Mollified antennae stuck in work-habits has interest in the state of currency.

Planar inclines transfer stars to skin, causing door to render access points to second layer.

French lentils seep into elected plastic handles while dark raises over ceiling.

Animal-square on ground asks for becoming without self-evidence.

Discipline listens to mix with early onset laze.

Easy walking ends in on-road phase to door.

Escalation of destruction to communicado.

Inscription from power chord leaks foil object’s clam shape onto arm.

Product breeds low-energy lost breath.

Phase loans site to speeches.

Phase coordinates spare pipes.