lost scene, to be inserted by you, wherever you may like

lost scene, to be inserted by you, wherever you may like


Chorus:  The house opens on a set. The set is on a stage, the stage is an

outdoor ampitheater in the middle of a park. The park is a normal park with walking paths.

The set is warmly lit and many-carpeted. You are warm from the warm liquid you drank. You drank warm liquid.


Chorus:  Meanwhile, somewhere,

Two people walk into a cvs

But they do it through one body,

Or a thing called a



Context: characters should be spoken as if very thirsty


: Its strange

: Whats strange

: This place. All this packaging.

: You mean like this store

: Yeah. and all the things. the plastic pieces of paper, shiny and  

  transparent, letting you see right to the very middle of something,

  to the substance in the thing.

: Like the individual pockets of substances. Imagine them now

  without their casings. Imagine walking into a room where all that    

  holds between


Context: Your shared mouths are

 dry, you may faint.


(hey are you okay) and in front of you[1] (stay with me friend)


: are all the floating collections of substances.


Chorus: Liquids held in their shape and hanging above the inside form of the ChapStick, the smaller bodies that are held in place, unsecured even without the parent-form of plastic. Polymer turning slowly through seawater. You have swallowed the gloss. It crinkles in you.


I think Id like to be in a more isolated place right now.

Okay, just walk somewhere else.


[1] my food is on the table right now, quickly browning, try to get hungry in time to eat. side effects include: feeling

   nauseous, but anyway, what is a meal without nausea.