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{Interferences include laptop, laptop cable, laser printer, laser printer cable, clay mug & hot tea, fluorescent lamp (unplugged), Ridley Scott, head massager spider, bookshelf, iPhone, iPhone cable, headphones, headphones cable, double-bass, Paul Verhoeven, metal garbage can with foot pedal opening mechanism, garbage (settling), accordion folder, Jérôme Oivin, plastic wrapping, cardboard box, gift for Rachel, Christian Duguay, four terabyte external hard drive, hard drive power supply, power bar, Steven Spielberg, three hole puncher, Gary Fleder, John Woo, remote, wood (vibration?), metal, Richard Linklater, ugly purple Urban Outfitters rug, ‘Poseur’ portrait, map of Toronto, medal, thumbtack, CD-R with “NO SEAMLESS TRANSITIONS,” Lee Tamahori, hardcover book, softcover book, torn/badcover book, John Alan Simon, tripod flashlight, gingerbread tin, hanging picture, George Nolfi, unhung picture, soft double-bass case, clothesline, metal hanger, plastic hanger, (bluetooth) mouse, Len Wiseman, pen, pencil, Chris Williams, chair, french door and the above}


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{Interferences include jars of grain, crystal, toaster, “Bloody Elizabeth” (gin, ice cube, tomato juice, seasoning, garnish), Edgar Allan Poe, bourbon, red wine (open), zucchini bread, cake dais, mixer attachments, Edgar Rice Burroughs, multivitamin, wooden spoon, tongs, grater, scotch tin, rolling pin, whisk, spatula, chip clip, pie weight, scissors, espresso machine, butter keeper, H.G. Wells, milk glass vase, Polysporin, bear cushion, moose cushion, Jules Verne, red speaker, turntable, receiver, Robert Heinlein, ceiling fan, Barbarella painting, framed embroidery, Arthur C. Clark, (empty) candy dish, Theodore Sturgeon, hot water radiator, hot water pipes, (Venetian) blinds, A.E. van Vogt, refrigerator, oven, stove, tap & sink, kettle, Alexander Pope, Vogue, John Donne, china cabinet, KitchenAid Mixer, LP, diploma, CD, Robert Frost, disposable camera, sock puppet, gold mailbox, Whirly, William Shakespeare, (sliding) mirrored door John Steinbeck, copper mixing bowl, wooden mixing bowl, fondue pot, popcorn bowl, roasting pan, Christmas ornaments, Aldous Huxley, small gold stress toy, sixty watt light bulb, light fixture, Thomas Wolfe, coffee table, passport, passport wallet, teapot, Katherine Anne Porter, television, milkcrate [modem, bluray player, cable box, Xbox 360], Hudson’s Bay blanket, Edith Wharton, Jessamyn West, and the above}


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{Interferences include mail, mattress, hurling bat, Anson MacDonald, boots, boot rack, bed spread, Lyle Monroe, bed sheets, John Riverside, bed frame, Caleb Saunders, bed clothes, Simon York, bedside table, dresser, umbrella, and the above}