3/23 Talk on Hollis Frampton by Anne Breimaier

3/23 Talk on Hollis Frampton by Anne Breimaier

Breimaier - 23 March 16


“Reading Film and Performing Text: Hollis Frampton’s Poiesis”
Anne Breimaier, Freie Universität Berlin


This seminar will address “poesis” by considering several readings of Frampton’s work that cohere into an argument for regarding his multimedia creations as performative and not (only) self-referential. The session will include screenings from “Zorns Lemma” (1970) and “Poetic Justice” (1972), and performance from “A lecture” (1968). For a copy of Breimaier’s essay (to be distributed on March 15), please contact Timothy Anderson – tda234 (at) nyu.edu


Anne Breimaier teaches contemporary art and art theory at the Institute of Art History (KHI) at Freie Universität Berlin (FUB). She holds a master’s degree in art history and philosophy from FUB, has received scholarships and research grants from the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Research Foundation, and spent 2013 as a visiting fellow at the Department of Art History at Columbia University, New York.